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Young African American mom hug disappoin

One on One or Partner 


Book a private session for in-depth work on specific issues and conflicts going on in the home right now.  With the little free time we have, a one hour consult can help get your family back on track and make your home a more peaceful place. 


Whether it is sibling fighting getting out of control or constant battling to get your kids to listen, figure out why things aren't working and get specific answers on how to make things better.  Figure out how to stop the conversations from escalating into arguments, how to manage getting homework done without the battles or how to stop every situation with your toddler from turning into a power struggle.  One on one or together with your partner, we will take a look at the dynamics that make getting day to day cooperation seem unattainable. 


This option can work as a follow up to a Workshop you've already taken or if devoting yourself to a weekly workshop just doesn't work with your schedule. Discuss specific scripts you can go to and strengthen your relationship with your kids.  Life should be fun.  Getting through the day should not be a chore. 


These tools are simple but incredibly difficult to implement and sometimes seem counter intuitive to the "fix it" mentality of parents.  Take a step towards making your family a happier one. 

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